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A residual debt insurance can make a loan much more expensive. In addition, the borrower has four years until the first installment becomes due. Also cashless possible – your MY AZUBI account is available with the TruCredit-Card. Apprentices despite negative credit bureau Pigs trainees usually have difficulty getting credit from savings banks and banks. Small bottlenecks are no longer a problem with overdrafts. An editorial over at

Savings bank credit

Savings bank credit

Credit terms (depending on credit rating), annual fee percentage: 2.99% to 10.99% pa, borrowing interest rate: 2.93% to 10.47% pa, net loan amount: from USD 2,500.00 to USD 50,000.00, term : from 12 to 72 months, monthly rate: from USD 100.00 to USD 1,000.00, total amount: from USD 2,539.63 to USD 67,526.12. Trucredit Nassau, Rheinstrasse 42 – 46, 65185 Wiesbaden.

Representative example in consumer credit law: 6.99% annual percentage with a net loan amount of USD 10,000.00 for a period of 36 months and a fixed interest rate of 6.78% pa We agree your savings bank credit on your individual circumstances. Replace existing loans with the advantageous savings bank personal loan and open up new scope. In the event of early repayment, the Trucredit may charge a corresponding penalty of no more than 1.00% of the early repayment amount.

Request a loan from a savings bank

Request a loan from a savings bank

This also applies to the conditions under which each savings bank can determine on what terms it intends to grant a loan. What do I have to do to get a loan from the banks? However, a first option only exists with a savings bank, which always gives its customers the option of submitting a loan application on the Internet.

In this case, the borrower first goes to the general website of the Trucredit, which can be reached at Trucredit. Subsequently, you can then enter the post code of your own place of residence, so that the respective credit institution can be determined in this way. The second possibility is to be forwarded to the website of the Trucredit and to arrange an appointment via the contact form.

Afterwards the loan can be registered with the branch of the savings bank.

Can a trainee at the Trucredit receive a loan of $ 1000?

Hello, I wanted to know if you can raise a loan in the amount of 1000 USD at the savings bank as an apprentice. The last training year (until Aug. 2018) and 1000 USD net earnings from Aug. 2017.

Since I’m not paying apartments, no vehicle, nothing. On my cellphone, 100 per calendar month, I ask you not to complain and just ask the questions, who knows about it!

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